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Complete Your PADI Certification Course in Cancun

Our Referral Diver Certification program is perfect for people who want to begin the scuba certification with a dive shop in their home country (cold) and then want to complete the required Open Water training dives in the warm waters of the Caribbean, here in Cancun.

PADI Open Water Referral

Our PADI Instructors are dedicated to giving you the best possible learning experience and certifying you as a safe and proficient Open Water Diver, ready to explore the dive sites of Cancun.

Once you have successfully completed the Academic and Confined Water training, you can finish up your PADI Open Water Certification with us. You will meet with your PADI instructor and review what you learned before you head off to do training dives 1 and 2. All the dives are boat dives, which are easier and you get to go to better dive sites. The first 2 dives are on a shallow reef, 15-25 feet, inside the barrier reef so it is nice and calm. On the next day you will be on one of our bigger boats for training dives 3 and 4 to a maximum depth of 60 feet. After that you are certified! And hopefully sign up for some more amazing dives!

After completing the four “check-out” dives over a two-day period your PADI instructor will sign their referral forms to verify completion. The newly certified diver can then spend the rest of his or her vacation diving!

Pricing and Reservations

Open Water Referrals

Course Pricing
• $355 USD per Person

Schedule and Duration
• 2 Days
What's Included
What’s Included

Dive Sites
Dive Sites


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